Kigali Ultimate Tournament 2013

Thank you to all players, sponsors, and friends who participated and supported the Kigali Ultimate Hat Tournament 2013!  See you in 2014 (or at FEAST in Mombasa and 7Hills in Kampala beforehand!)

Winner - Red Hot
2nd place - Gang Green
3rd place - Clockwork Orange
4th place - Blue Super Smurfs
5th/6th place tie - Hot White / Yellow Ingagi

Individual Awards:
Most Valuable Player (male) - Kisubi Jamil
Most Valuable Player (female) - Jennifer Schmerling
Most Spirited Player (male) - Garrett Fujiwara
Most Spirited Player (female) - Lyla Fujiwara
Best Rookie (male) - Samuel Taeme
Best Rookie (female) - Monica Slinkard
Most Improved Player (male, Rwanda) - Cekina
Most Improved Player (female, Rwanda) - Olive
Most Improved Player (male, Uganda) - Scoff
Most Improved Player (female, Uganda) - Lauren
Most Improved Player (male, Burundi) - Evrard
Most Improved Player (female, Burundi) - Ariella

*Special THANKS to the organizing committee:  Bethany, Garrett, Nathan, Pamela, Rita, Shawn, and Sue.  And to Rodrigue/Discs For All for helping to coordinate our friends from Burundi. :-)

Nathan -
Rodrigue/Discs For All - 
Registration Party
Day 1
Day 2
Queenie -
Image Profession/Ultimate Tanzania -


Date:  16-17 February 2013 (2 days!)
Venue:  Cercle Sportif de Kigali, Rwanda

The Kigali Ultimate club in Rwanda (a.k.a. "Land of a Thousand Hills") is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Kigali Ultimate Tournament on 16-17 February 2013!  Last tournament, we had players from around Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi participate.  This time, we also hope to see players from Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and others on the continent.  We will have a full weekend of fun and competitive games.  Here's what you need to know!


Fee includes a tournament T-shirt, donut breakfast and bagel lunch on both days, Saturday night dinner, bananas, drinking water (please bring your own bottle to refill!), and two full days of spirited Ultimate!

Regular Fee - RWF 10,000 (no increase from the last tournament which was 1 day only!)
EAR Nationals - RWF 5,000
Rwandans - RWF 3,000 (early-bird rate of RWF 2,000 if paid on or before 10 February 2013)

*Deadline to pay:  Friday evening (15 February) at the registration gathering.  We will be imposing a "no pay, no play" policy.  If you will only be arriving on Saturday morning, please arrive at least an hour and a half before game-time to register.
**Please also note that non-members of Cercle Sportif de Kigali are supposed to pay RWF 1,000/day entrance fee, but we have arranged to pay this in advance to cover your entrance to CSK for Friday evening+whole day Saturday+whole day Sunday!  We will have someone wait at the gate of CSK, so you can claim your entrance passes there.
- We are strictly imposing a "no pay, no play" policy.  Please make sure you pay up at the Registration Party (Cercle Sportif poolside area, Friday 15 February, 7:00pm), or on Saturday morning BEFORE you play if you can't make it on Friday.
- You will be informed of your team after you pay and register with the Committee (look for G or Bethany).
- Though games will begin at 9:00am on Saturday 16 February, please arrive by 7:30am to get your T-shirts, meet your teams, warm-up, and get your breakfast donuts (first-come, first-served).


Teams - We will have 6 teams with about 12 players per team.

Gender Ratio – The tournament will be 4:3 (minimum of 3 girls playing at all times).  

Rules - We will be applying the new WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2013.  It will be the Captain's responsibility to ensure that their team is playing by the rules.

Schedule - Round Robin on Day 1 and morning on Day 2, followed by Quarters, Semi-finals, and Final.

Games - Captains will disc-toss at the start of each game to determine starting endzone and offense/defense.  Games will be to 13 points, with a time cap of 50 minutes (time-keeping will be centralized).  If score is tied, a universal point will be played.  Finals will be game to 15 points with a time cap of 60 minutes.  2-minute half-time at 25 minutes or when one team reaches 7 points.  Mirror at the start of the second half.  Two 2-minute time-outs per team per game.  No time-outs after the time cap is called.  The Round Robin format will follow win-loss records.  In case of a tie between teams, point differentials will be counted.
* Note:  If you are late, you will not be allowed to play in the first game.  So, be on-time for your games!

Score Sheets - Score sheets will be given to the team captain to fill up throughout the day. These will need to be submitted to the control booth at the end of each game.


Donuts will be served on a first-come, first-served basis each morning (around 7:30am).  For lunch, players will be allotted about 1.5 bagels each.  There will be jam and peanut butter to make your own sandwiches.

Please remember to bring your own water bottles to refill throughout the day!

All donuts, bagels, bananas, and water are reserved for players only.  Should you have spectators, they can place their F&B orders at the CSK restaurant.


Please help us raise funds for our Rwandan players!  We will be selling raffle tickets for several items that will be raffled off at the end of the tournament.  All proceeds will help our Rwandan players participate in tournaments outside of Rwanda.


Registration Party and Captain’s Meeting - Friday, 15 February | 7:00pm | CSK restaurant/poolside area
*Captains should collect the registration fees from their team and hand it over to the committee.  In case you cannot make it to the Registration Party, please inform us beforehand and we will accept late registrations on Saturday morning.

Tournament Dinner and Party - Saturday, 16 February | 7:00pm | PAPYRUS in Kimihurura
*Same as last year, it will be a "hat" party, so bring your funky hat/headgear to wear!
**We will have a portion of the ground floor sectioned off for the Kigali Hat participants.  Please make sure you get your dinner+drinks coupons from your team captain.  All beer is courtesy of SKOL beer, which you can exchange for a soft drink of your choice at the bar.
***For the party-goers, we have free entrance to the Papyrus club in the basement.  All drinks, however, must be paid for separately.
- For your non-player guest, you can purchase a Dinner stub for RWF 3500 each, or Dinner+3 Drinks stub for RWF 5000 each.


Visas - Some of you will need to apply for visas to enter Rwanda.  You can do so online here.  Please email us to request for an Invitation Letter, if you need one.

Accommodations - Please let us know if you need a place to stay and we will try to accommodate you in one of our houses.  Other places that are recommended are:

St. Paul's Hostel
(Kiyovu area, close to Cercle Sportif, and walking distance to UTC) 
TripAdvisor link / Living in Kigali link

Procure/Hostel Sainte Famille 
(Kiyovu area, close to Cercle Sportif, and walking distance to UTC)
TripAdvisor link / +250 252 576 334

Elegancya Bed and Breakfast
(Kimihurura area, close to Papyrus/party venue)
TripAdvisor link / Living in Kigali link

Discover Rwanda Youth Hostel
(Kacyiru area)
TripAdvisor link / Living in Kigali link

Good News Guest House

Other accommodations (hotels, B&Bs, inns, hostels, etc.) in Kigali:
TripAdvisor link

Friday Morning Pick-up - If you will be arriving on or before Friday morning, our weekly morning pick-up session will be ON at Cercle Sportif de Kigali, 6:00-8:00am.


More details will be provided in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!  In the meantime, send any questions to

KUT 2013 Event Page on Facebook

Kigali Ultimate website
Kigali Ultimate Google group
Kigali Ultimate Facebook page

Kigali Ultimate Tournament 2013 this weekend! 14 Feb 15:42

Hi everyone!

We are looking forward to see many of you in Kigali this weekend. :-) A few reminders, in addition to the details on the information page:

- Please read through the info on!

- We are strictly imposing a "no pay, no play" policy.  Please make...

Cancellations 10 Feb 19:52

Hi again everyone!

If for some reason you can no longer make it to the Kigali Ultimate Hat Tournament 2013, you will need to "unregister" from the participants list on the website ( by Tuesday 12 February.  If you are having trouble doing that,...

One Week until the Kigali Ultimate Tournament 2013! 08 Feb 07:41

Hi everyone!

Looking forward to see you all here in a week's time!

Please check out the tournament page ( for some new updates posted today.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

Because we are expecting a large contingent from Burundi this year and...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Sue (Susan Lister) F
2. G (G Higgins) F
3. Shawn (Shawn Grund) M
4. Papa Q (Queenie) (Alex Roman) M
5. Denis (Denis Test) M
6. Sara (Sara Test) F
7. John (John Braaksma) M
8. Lyla (Lyla Fujiwara) F
9. Cha Cha (Charity Ineza) F
10. Eva (Eva Koehler) F
11. katusof forword umar (Katusof Umar) M
12. Lauren (Lauren Harroff) F
13. Turgyhog (Mark Turgesen) M
14. Bryan (Kaswa Peter Bryan) M
15. Monica (Monica Slinkard) F
16. Jamil (Kisubi Jamil) M
17. Angi Enjelu (Angi Enjelu) F
18. Karen (Karen McKenna) F
19. Deb Murphy (Paulz Farcebook) F
20. JJ (JJ Wang) F
21. Xoxo (Ssali Alex) M
22. Ms.Pamela (Pamela Abonyo) F
23. G-Man (Garrett Fujiwara) M
24. Bethany (Bethany Ericson) F
25. P'MO (Paul Morrison) M
26. Nathan (Nathan Gauthier) M
27. Rita Kayibanda (Rita Kayibanda) F
28. Meganne (Karine Megane) F
29. Rukundo moussa (Rukundo Mussa Kankou) M
30. kwitonda paccy (Kwitonda Pacy) M
31. uwiringiyimana godfrey (Uwiringiyimana Godfrey) M
32. Christine (Christine Klotz) F
33. Madi (Madisyn Lu) F
34. Fraya (Hamidah Naishur) F
35. Andre (Andre Philipp) M
36. Allen (Allen Neece) M
37. nkurunziza emmanuel (Nkurunziza Emmanuel) M
38. Jennipher (Jennipher Mabiiho) F
39. French (Ben French) M
40. ann thomas F
41. Désiré (Jean Désiré Nkurunziza) M
42. Evrard (Evrard Ngabire) M
43. Renaud (Nsabiyumva Renaud Nsabiyumva) M
44. Emmanuel (Emmanuel Nininahazwe) M
45. Alex (Alex Papai) M
46. Rod (Rodrigue Dufaur) M
47. niyonshuti cekina (Cekina Niyonshuti) M
48. habimana christian (Christian Habimana) M
49. nicole (Nilla Gahimbare) F
50. scoff (Joseph Kwesiga) M
51. Nate (Nate Schaffran) M
52. ntwari (Etienne Niyigena) M
53. NDORICIMPA JAMES_DARIUS (James Darius Ndoricimpa) M
54. NGIRIYABANDI ZACHARIE (Zacharie Ngiriyabandi) M
55. Hannah (Hannah Matthews) F
56. Henry (Henry Hays-Wehle) M
57. Mitch (Mitchell Edwards) M
58. Sam (Samuel Teame) M
59. David (Uwimana David) M
60. ashimo (mutumba gerald ) M
61. Miki (Jordan Habimana) M
62. Kesselfish (Andrew Kessel) M