Kigali Ultimate Tournament 2013

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Kigali Ultimate Tournament 2013 this weekend! 14 Feb 15:42

Hi everyone!

We are looking forward to see many of you in Kigali this weekend. :-) A few reminders, in addition to the details on the information page:

- Please read through the info on!

- We are strictly imposing a "no pay, no play" policy.  Please make sure you pay up at the Registration Party (Cercle Sportif poolside area, Friday 15 February, 7:00pm), or on Saturday morning BEFORE you play if you can't make it on Friday.

- You will be informed of your team after you pay and register with the Committee (look for G or Bethany).

- Though games will begin at 9:00am on Saturday 16 February, please arrive by 7:30am to get your T-shirts, meet your teams, warm-up, and get your breakfast donuts (first-come, first-served).

- If you are late for your first game, you will not be allowed to play in that game.

- Don't forget your funky hat or headgear for the Tournament Party at Papyrus on Saturday 16 February, from 7:00pm onwards!

- You will be given Dinner+3 Drinks stubs, please make sure you bring it to Papyrus.

- For your non-player guest, you can purchase a Dinner stub for RWF 3500 each, or Dinner+3 Drinks stub for RWF 5000 each.

All other reminders will be relayed to your respective Team Captains.

Safe travels to Kigali and see you all this weekend!


G Higgins | +250 7848 70070
Kigali Ultimate